For thirty years, Robb Flynn and Machine Head have been a consistent force amongst the ever-changing heavy metal landscape. Throughout shifting trends and the steady flow of new blood, Machine Head have persevered. Not only have they persevered, they have triumphed. For their earlier albums, Machine Head’s sound blended thrash and groove elements, making them … Continue reading 239: MACHINE HEAD


Considering Nailbomb were such a short lived project, only existing for a year or so in the mid-nineties, their impact is undeniable when you note the reverence they’re still mentioned with. Nailbomb was a collaboration between Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel, and Max Cavalera (at the time, at the peak of Sepultura’s fame). Musically they … Continue reading 237: NAILBOMB

229: SEPULTURA Mk. II (1996 – TODAY)

When Max Cavalera left in 1996, Sepultura could have just as easily faded into obscurity. They had released a generation-defining album in ‘Roots’ and few bands would have much to say beyond that, let alone a band who’d just lost their frontman. Enter Derrick Green. The towering Ohio native had huge shoes to fill, as … Continue reading 229: SEPULTURA Mk. II (1996 – TODAY)


For over twenty years, Trivium have been a persistent presence in North American metal. Their sound has been labelled as thrash, melodic metalcore, groove metal, and even progressive metal, and continues to grow and mature with each album. With soaring cleans, and furious roars. Matt Heafy’s vocals are instantly recognisable, backed by crushing riffs. Those … Continue reading 208: TRIVIUM


When Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn, and Trey Spruance formed Mr Bungle as teenagers, nobody could’ve predicted the evolution of their sound, or the influence they would have over a generation of alternative metal bands. For their debut full-length, Mr Bungle were primarily an alternative/funk metal band, but experimented with instrumentation (incorporating brass instruments and samples, … Continue reading 194: MR BUNGLE