Esa Holopainen is the lead guitarist and primary songwriter for Finnish metal royalty, Amorphis, so it should come as no surprise the man is a talented musician. With Silver Lake, however, Holopainen really flexes his talents, working with a roster of hugely talented and iconic vocalists and creating an amazing album of standout tracks. While … Continue reading 276: SILVER LAKE by ESA HOLOPAINEN

244: EX DEO

With metal as a blanket genre turning 50 years old recently, with all its subgenres, permeations, and gimmicks, youโ€™d be forgiven for thinking that every concept had already been mined. However, Ex Deo delve into an untapped concept for a metal band - the history of the Ancient Roman Empire. The brainchild of Kataklysm frontman, … Continue reading 244: EX DEO


Combining aggressive, technical, death metal with beautiful and grand symphonies and orchestral elements, Fleshgod Apocalypse are responsible for some of the most truly epic metal being produced today. Fleshgodโ€™s death metal influences are not dulled by the symphony side of things, though. This shit is heavy. Powerful guitars, blast beats, and roared vocals are all … Continue reading 210: FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE