Novarupta is part solo project, part musical collective, and part art piece. As the creation of Alex Stjernfeldt, Novarupta is currently through a tetralogy of albums based on the four elements. ‘Disillusioned Fire’ and ‘Marine Snow’ represent the first two elements - fire and water, respectively. Musically, Novarupta is a unique and exciting listen. While … Continue reading 230: NOVARUPTA


Splendidula are a Belgian metal band who lean heavily on doomy, sludgy riffs and a lurching heaviness. Their monstrous sound is elevated by the vocals of Kristien Cools. Her voice ranges from almost alt-metal-sounding sinister cleans to avant-garde wailing. Guitarist Pieter Houben’s vocals stun, with explosive roars that match the ferocity of the quicksand-thick riffs, … Continue reading 157: SPLENDIDULA