282: GWAR

Where does one even start with Gwar? How about the Metal Archives, normally quite particular about such things, simply lists Gearโ€™s genre as various. Fucking various. As genre-hopping as some bands are, there arenโ€™t many that even the infallible Metal Archives find themselves unable to categorise. Throughout their 37-years-and-counting lifespan, Gwar have dabbled in various … Continue reading 282: GWAR

217: MRS. PISS

When someone has such a unique and recognisable musical presence (like, say, the divine Chelsea Wolfe), itโ€™s hard to imagine how that works in the context of a collaborative project. With Mrs. Piss, Wolfe collaborates with longtime friend/drummer/everything, Jess Gowrie. The result is Wolfeโ€™s signature gloomy, folk-tinged rock, but supercharged with a punk and grunge … Continue reading 217: MRS. PISS