After 5 years as Godzilla, it was the name change and release of their debut in 2001 that set Gojira on a trajectory towards being one of the biggest metal bands on the planet. Brothers Joe and Mario Duplantier, along with Christian Andreu and Jean-Michel Labadie, have now released seven albums, to increasing critical attention. … Continue reading 258: GOJIRA


Itโ€™s the performance that launched a million YouTube reaction channels. A dark haired woman with a gentle voice sings a beautiful melody as the band around her strum a tender tune. Then suddenly thereโ€™s a seismic shift in the room - the tender tune is suddenly a metallic monster. Big riffs and belting drums, and … Continue reading 251: JINJER


Combining elements of melodic death and black metal, and presenting in grand, progressive compositions, Shylmagoghnar are an exciting and fascinating band. In only two albums, they have created a complex and thrilling sound. Harsh vocals, big riffs, beautiful keys, and an amazing atmosphere are all used to brilliant effect. The songs are multi-passages opuses, yet … Continue reading 243: SHYLMAGOGHNAR


As one of the most interesting heavy bands Australia has ever produced, Twelve Foot Ninja combine funk with alternative metal, progressive elements, and just general oddness, into a unique sound that defies genre and makes for amazing music. Twelve Foot Ninjaโ€™s funky, constantly evolving, twist on alternative metal feels like something Mike Patton couldโ€™ve spawned … Continue reading 190: TWELVE FOOT NINJA


In the late noughties, when his previous band came to an end and efforts to put together a mathcore band proved futile, French musician Rรฉmi Gallego began producing his own music. What grew from this was The Algorithm - a true hybrid of EDM and metal, specifically prog and djent influenced metal. While there are … Continue reading 159: THE ALGORITHM


Vegard Sverre Tveitan, better known as Ihsahn, is the frontman of Emperor. He is also straight up black metal royalty. With Emperor, he is hugely responsible in the formation and progression of the black metal subgenre. Rather than rest on his laurels, however, Ihsahn has continued to be a driving force in the genre, continuing … Continue reading 148: IHSAHN