287: HAIL SPIRIT NOIR / part one

It was already evident from their 2012 debut, โ€˜Pneumaโ€™, that Hail Spirit Noir were never going to stick to genre norms. Their unique sound offered a eclectic, yet weirdly cohesive, fusion of black metal and a proggy, and even psychedelic, rock sound. Harsh rasping snarls would give way to almost folk-sounding clean vocals, and rapid, … Continue reading 287: HAIL SPIRIT NOIR / part one

255: RUSH

With an active career spanning over 40 years (particularly as the holy trinity of Lee, Lifeson, and Peary from 1974 onwards) Rush are one of the most influential progressive rock bands of all time. Their unfettered experimentation in the rock realm helped pioneer concept albums, lengthy tracks, and synthesisers in prog rock. They also delved … Continue reading 255: RUSH