When Sebastian Biesler left German metalcore act, Eskimo Callboy, to start his solo project, most would’ve expected the same electronicore madness his previous band was known for. Surprisingly, Ghøstkid is a more serious, progressive, genre-melding take on metalcore. There are frantic screams, delicate cleans, huge guitars, and some great hooks. There are touches of industrial … Continue reading 225: GHØSTKID


For over twenty years, Trivium have been a persistent presence in North American metal. Their sound has been labelled as thrash, melodic metalcore, groove metal, and even progressive metal, and continues to grow and mature with each album. With soaring cleans, and furious roars. Matt Heafy’s vocals are instantly recognisable, backed by crushing riffs. Those … Continue reading 208: TRIVIUM


I first discovered Ivy Crown via their track ‘Lonesome and Cold’, featuring Kim Song Sternkopf of Møl. Having only recently become obsessed with Møl at the time, anything even tangentially related required my immediate attention. Unlike Møl’s bright and soaring blackgaze sound, Ivy Crown are… something else. I’ve seen them referred to as metalcore but, … Continue reading 204: IVY CROWN


Parkway started to really grab my attention with their fifth album, ‘Ire’ - unsurprisingly the point in their history where they started to move away from their metalcore roots - but it was their follow up album, ‘Reverence’, where the appeal became undeniable. On ‘Reverence’, Parkway completed their evolution into a main stage metal band. … Continue reading 184: PARKWAY DRIVE