242: HIM

With their uniquely gothic hard rock sound and one of the coolest frontmen in history, HIM created their own sound, dubbed ‘love metal’. It was dark, romantic, and painfully beautiful. Frontman Ville Valo’s gentle crooning ties the whole sound together. A Finnish voice with all the melancholy required for this music. Throughout their existence, HIM … Continue reading 242: HIM


Before Rob Zombie there was White Zombie - a fusion of dirty rock, industrial, and groove metal, with early signs of the schlocky horror touches that would become mainstays of RZ’s solo career. To a degree, White Zombie’s earliest work is unrecognisable. It’s spacey, tripped out noise rock, with a young Rob Zombie sounding completely … Continue reading 181: WHITE ZOMBIE


It's time for another one of those can't-be-recommended-because-you-absolutely-already-know-them kinda band posts… Guns N' Roses are one of the biggest rock bands on the planet - and while in a lot of other cases that level of success could be attributed to longevity, GnR have held this status for most their 30+ year career. By straddling … Continue reading 154: GUNS N’ ROSES