When trying to work out what others labelled Ioanna Gikaโ€™s music as, I seems to come across the term โ€˜dream popโ€™ a lot. I suppose that fits, but it also betrayed the deep, gothic, industrial vibes I get here. Gikaโ€™s album โ€˜Thalassaโ€™ combines her ethereal vocal stylings with beautiful, poppy melodies, and synths and percussion … Continue reading 218: IOANNA GIKA


When TV on the Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe joined forces with rapper Doseone and Mike Patton, nobody could have ever predicted the form it would take. Electronic, hip hop, experimental, pop, a bit of rock, and a whole slew of other sounds - but a wonderfully unique and thrilling project. Thereโ€™s really no straightforward and … Continue reading 196: NEVERMEN