Kathrine Shepard, better known as Sylvaine, is a Norwegian singer/songwriter whose blending of the ethereal and extreme makes for some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard in years. Shepard’s vocals are delicate, and haunting. Beautiful clean melodies float gently above the delicate music, but suddenly everything shifts. Black metal strumming takes hold and that … Continue reading 259: SYLVAINE


Novarupta is part solo project, part musical collective, and part art piece. As the creation of Alex Stjernfeldt, Novarupta is currently through a tetralogy of albums based on the four elements. ‘Disillusioned Fire’ and ‘Marine Snow’ represent the first two elements - fire and water, respectively. Musically, Novarupta is a unique and exciting listen. While … Continue reading 230: NOVARUPTA


With dreamy textures, thrilling guitars, and confronting vocals, Illyria are easily one of the most exciting upcoming bands in Australia right now. Their melody-driven blackgaze sound is exciting and often beautiful. A lot of blackgaze bands, when attempting to lean harder into the shoegaze influences, risk losing their edge entirely. Illyria suffer no such issue, … Continue reading 163: ILLYRIA