287: HAIL SPIRIT NOIR / part one

It was already evident from their 2012 debut, ‘Pneuma’, that Hail Spirit Noir were never going to stick to genre norms. Their unique sound offered a eclectic, yet weirdly cohesive, fusion of black metal and a proggy, and even psychedelic, rock sound. Harsh rasping snarls would give way to almost folk-sounding clean vocals, and rapid, … Continue reading 287: HAIL SPIRIT NOIR / part one


Mixing atmospheric black metal and synth-driven electronic trance, Mesarthim creates a sound that sounds strange on paper yet, once you hear it, you realise it just works. While industrial metal, another fusion of metal and electronic, often sounds mechanical and dirty, Mesarthim’s creation is clean, bright, and graceful. There’s some similarities to blackgaze, given they … Continue reading 281: MESARTHIM


Cross Bringer are a new band out of St. Petersburg who have made a truly breathtaking entrance with their debut album, 2020’s ‘The Signs of Spiritual Delusion’. Clocking in at just under half an hour, the album is an unmitigated triumph of dynamic, atmospheric black metal. With lush soundscapes offering texture and the occasional respite, … Continue reading 270: CROSS BRINGER

268: ERDVE

Formed in 2015 in Lithuania, Erdve combine the threatening approach of sludge metal, with sinister edge of black metal, and fuel it with the raw fury of hardcore. Their second album, ‘Savigaila’ (which translates to self-pity), released in July of this year, is 42 minutes of this artful combination perfected. But Erdve continue to push … Continue reading 268: ERDVE


French post-black/sludge metal juggernaut, Regarde Les Hommes Tomber, have such a powerful sound that it’s hard to believe this is a band who’ve only produced 3 full lengths albums. Their leviathan sound is polished, masterful, and just fucking stunning. And during the five year wait for their most recent album, here was nothing lost. 2020’s … Continue reading 266: REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER


When Eric Whitney, better known as polarising trap metal rapper Ghostemane, turns his focus to a black metal project, it’s hard to know what to expect. Baader-Meinhoff is Whitney’s one-man black metal project, on which he performs all instruments and vocals (under the name ‘Sage Meinhoff’. So, when a trap metal musician whose influences seem … Continue reading 265: BAADER-MEINHOF