While they never recieved the attention of some of their peers, Mudhoney are undoubtedly one of the most influential bands responsible for the Seattle alt-rock-turned-grunge scene. Mudhoney pretty quickly gained a somewhat underground following with their song โ€œTouch Me Iโ€™m Sickโ€, and from there would go on to inspire and influence countless other alt rock … Continue reading 246: MUDHONEY


By embodying that small area of overlap between metal and the burgeoning 90s alt rock movement, Alice in Chains became one of the stand-outs of the grunge scene, building a legacy that continues today. In a way, Alice in Chains were always a metal band - their existence predates the term 'grunge'. But given their … Continue reading 245: ALICE IN CHAINS


Faith No More are not only Mike Pattonโ€™s most well known band, but perhaps one of the defining alternative acts of the 90s. Through six studio albums, they crafted a sound that would send waves through alternative metal, as well as directly inspiring many bands who would go on to become nu metal bands. With … Continue reading 199: FAITH NO MORE


As we enter the home stretch of 9 Days of Patton, itโ€™s time to talk about the country-twangified alt rock beast that is Tomahawk. In 1999 Patton and Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard started collaborating, eventually bringing in John Stanier and Kevin Rutmanis, of Helmet and Melvins respectively. The result of this collaboration was … Continue reading 198: TOMAHAWK


Guano Apes started in Germany in the mid 90s with an electrifying fusion of alt metal, funk, and some nascent nu metal flourishes. Frontwoman Sandra Nasiฤ‡ is a vocal chameleon, able to switch from beautiful clean melodies, to hard rock roars, and even rap. Backed by heavy riffs and addictively funky bass, Guano Apesโ€™ sound … Continue reading 191: GUANO APES