I think the thing that surprised me most about Svartkonst after hearing (and loving) their sophomore release, โ€˜Black Wavesโ€™, and reading up on my new discovery was the fact it was all one guy. One-man black metal projects are nothing new, of course, and there are many, many incredibly talented people out there responsible for … Continue reading 326: SVARTKONST


The combination of death metal heaviness and hardcore aggression Employed to Serve create makes for some of the intense music in their particular scene. It also means they tend to appeal to multiple demographics, from metalcore kids looking for something with extra bite, to an older death metal crowd looking for something new and fresh. … Continue reading 325: EMPLOYED TO SERVE


Svdestada are a very new discovery for me. As in, stumble across their second album (released February of this year) while mindlessly floating around Spotify and immediately being so smitten with it you order the vinyl off Bandcamp. That sort of new discovery. Having only formed in 2017 in Madrid, Svdestada are quite a young … Continue reading 295: SVDESTADA