Combining elements of melodic death and black metal, and presenting in grand, progressive compositions, Shylmagoghnar are an exciting and fascinating band. In only two albums, they have created a complex and thrilling sound. Harsh vocals, big riffs, beautiful keys, and an amazing atmosphere are all used to brilliant effect. The songs are multi-passages opuses, yet … Continue reading 243: SHYLMAGOGHNAR


For a band that only released their debut earlier this year, Brazilian death metallers Ankerkeria, sound like seasoned pros of the genre. An an album, โ€˜Matriarchโ€™, is consistently amazing from start to finish. Itโ€™s crushing death metal, but thrashy and with some outstanding guitar work throughout. Joice Lopesโ€™ vocal delivery is sheer evil. Her growls, … Continue reading 236: ANKERKERIA


Combining aggressive, technical, death metal with beautiful and grand symphonies and orchestral elements, Fleshgod Apocalypse are responsible for some of the most truly epic metal being produced today. Fleshgodโ€™s death metal influences are not dulled by the symphony side of things, though. This shit is heavy. Powerful guitars, blast beats, and roared vocals are all … Continue reading 210: FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE


Formed in Switzerland at the very tail end of the 2000s, Schammasch started out somewhere between black and death metal. Over time, however, their sound has become more genre-defying and avant-garde, featuring influences from post metal, ambient, and even traditional music. The band themselves remain shrouded in mystery, appearing costumed and identifying only as initials. … Continue reading 201: SCHAMMASCH


Lovage was a short-lived collaboration between renowned preducer, Dan the Automator, and vocalists Jennifer Charles and Mike Patton. They produced one album, 2001โ€™s โ€˜Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady Byโ€™ and it is a singularly unique creature in Pattonโ€™s vast discography. Lovageโ€™s sound sits somewhere between early 00s trip hop and 60s/70s lounge … Continue reading 195: LOVAGE