Leprous, for me, remain one of the best examples of a modern prog metal band, while simultaneously straying further and further from the core of the genre - and that’s pretty exciting in and of itself. Across seven albums, Leprous have expanded increasingly upon their prog metal beginning. Firstly into prog rock territory, but in … Continue reading 327: LEPROUS


Hailing from Detroit, The Armed are sonically somewhere at the intersection of post hardcore and noise rock. The result is best described as a chaotic dream. Ethereal yet dramatic. Like shoegaze on meth. And yes, that’s a good thing. The Armed’s lineup has alway been kept a mysterious, ever-changing roster. So much so that the … Continue reading 319: THE ARMED


Diablo Swing Orchestra are a very new discovery for me. I found them via their latest album, ‘Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole’ which was released earlier this month. Yet, according to Last FM, it’s already my second most played album of the entire year. You could say I fell down that rabbit hole … Continue reading 318: DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA


When a band is as innovative and unique as Meshuggah was when they first came along, the unfortunate reality is you can’t even touch what they do without (probably unfair) comparisons. But then there’s Vildhjarta, who actually managed to grow out of the long shadow cast by their fellow countrymen. While many bands who attempt … Continue reading 294: VILDHJARTA