290: INCUBUS / part two

With the ‘Make Yourself’ single, ‘Drive’, Incubus tapped into something new, a warm, semi-acoustic alt rock that saw more mainstream success than they’d ever expected. ‘Make Yourself’ saw the band mixing elements of new and old, but the alt rock sound because far mor central with their next album, ‘Morning View’. From this point onward, … Continue reading 290: INCUBUS / part two

288: ULVER / part one

When Ulver released their debut, ‘Bergtatt – Et eeventyr i 5 capitler”, in 1995 it was unique within the Norwegian second wave of black metal scene. It incorporated substantial folk elements, featured clean vocals, and eschewed the anti-religious themes that were somewhat of a standard for the scene. Ulver still utilised the raw/lofi production of … Continue reading 288: ULVER / part one

286: INCUBUS / part one

When Incubus first started out, their sound was a heavy, funky alternative metal, very much in the vein of early Mr Bungle’s more palatable rock-driven stuff. Over the next few albums, the funk element took a backseat, with the alt metal taking a larger focus, along with some nu metal leanings. This was when Incubus … Continue reading 286: INCUBUS / part one


Combining elements of doom, gothic metal, death doom and more, Draconian’s sound is one of beautiful darkness, haunting and passionate in its performance. Draconian are another band I discovered quite late, coming across them via early singles for their seventh album, 2020’s ‘Under a Godless Veil’. I’m eternally grateful I did, though, because that album … Continue reading 283: DRACONIAN


Forming in 1997 and combining influences from hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal, Pig Destroyer's goal was to bring back what "grindcore should be". Between 6 albums and 4 EPs, they've readily established themselves as doing exactly that. With relentless guitars, furious vocals, and an utterly wild rythm section, Pig Destroyer are one of the most … Continue reading 278: PIG DESTROYER