When Carcass first came to prominence with ‘Reek of Putrefaction’, they not only were one of the first grindcore bands, but in fact pioneered a subgenre known as goregrind. From 1998 until 1996, Carcass released five albums, with an evolving and maturing sound that became more complex and better produced each time. Overtime Carcass would … Continue reading 261: CARCASS


While they never recieved the attention of some of their peers, Mudhoney are undoubtedly one of the most influential bands responsible for the Seattle alt-rock-turned-grunge scene. Mudhoney pretty quickly gained a somewhat underground following with their song “Touch Me I’m Sick”, and from there would go on to inspire and influence countless other alt rock … Continue reading 246: MUDHONEY

228: SEPULTURA Mk. I (1984-1996)

For the first decade and change of their existence, Sepultura fronted by Max Cavelera were trailblazers through multiple genres and went on to inspire a generation of bands in the 90s. Sepultura started out in death metal, and slowly became more influenced by thrash. Through these early albums, the band became one of the driving … Continue reading 228: SEPULTURA Mk. I (1984-1996)