Having survived the Norwegian scene of the 90s and still producing music thirty years later, Satyricon have seen (and helped guide) black metal for much of its existence. Theyโ€™ve also grown beyond the constraints of the genre, creating an unholy, raucous fusion of black metal with traditional metal and rock. While there have been other … Continue reading 329: SATYRICON


Leprous, for me, remain one of the best examples of a modern prog metal band, while simultaneously straying further and further from the core of the genre - and thatโ€™s pretty exciting in and of itself. Across seven albums, Leprous have expanded increasingly upon their prog metal beginning. Firstly into prog rock territory, but in … Continue reading 327: LEPROUS

292: ULVER / part two

As the years rolled on, Ulverโ€™s sound became quite unpredictable, as they tried their hand at everything from ambient, to classical, trip hop, art rock, and more. And time and time again, they would release a new album with a new sound and style, and it would be incredible. After moving into ambient, and dark … Continue reading 292: ULVER / part two

288: ULVER / part one

When Ulver released their debut, โ€˜Bergtatt โ€“ Et eeventyr i 5 capitlerโ€, in 1995 it was unique within the Norwegian second wave of black metal scene. It incorporated substantial folk elements, featured clean vocals, and eschewed the anti-religious themes that were somewhat of a standard for the scene. Ulver still utilised the raw/lofi production of … Continue reading 288: ULVER / part one


Kathrine Shepard, better known as Sylvaine, is a Norwegian singer/songwriter whose blending of the ethereal and extreme makes for some of the most beautiful music Iโ€™ve heard in years. Shepardโ€™s vocals are delicate, and haunting. Beautiful clean melodies float gently above the delicate music, but suddenly everything shifts. Black metal strumming takes hold and that … Continue reading 259: SYLVAINE