When trying to work out what others labelled Ioanna Gikaโ€™s music as, I seems to come across the term โ€˜dream popโ€™ a lot. I suppose that fits, but it also betrayed the deep, gothic, industrial vibes I get here. Gikaโ€™s album โ€˜Thalassaโ€™ combines her ethereal vocal stylings with beautiful, poppy melodies, and synths and percussion … Continue reading 218: IOANNA GIKA


Six weeks ago or so, I wrote about US one-man black metal project, Mare Cognitum, who had been part of the collaborative album/atmospheric black metal masterpiece 'Wanderers: Astrology of the Nine' and then only 12 months later released and absolutely sensation solo album in 'Solar Paroxysm'. Well, now it's time to talk about the other … Continue reading 153: SPECTRAL LORE