When Carcass first came to prominence with ‘Reek of Putrefaction’, they not only were one of the first grindcore bands, but in fact pioneered a subgenre known as goregrind. From 1998 until 1996, Carcass released five albums, with an evolving and maturing sound that became more complex and better produced each time. Overtime Carcass would … Continue reading 261: CARCASS

252: WODE

While Wode’s earliest work is fairly straightforward (albeit great) black metal, over the years their sound base evolved into something thrashier and just more exciting. Combining elements of death and thrash metal onto the already strong black metal frame has resulted in such a fantastic sound. Wode’s third album (‘Burn in Many Mirrors’, released earlier … Continue reading 252: WODE


Considering Nailbomb were such a short lived project, only existing for a year or so in the mid-nineties, their impact is undeniable when you note the reverence they’re still mentioned with. Nailbomb was a collaboration between Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel, and Max Cavalera (at the time, at the peak of Sepultura’s fame). Musically they … Continue reading 237: NAILBOMB


Let’s be clear from the outset - Napalm Death invented grindcore. They may not be the only band responsible, but they certainly had no peers to emulate in Birmingham forty years ago. Over those four decades, they’ve terrified and enlightened countless impressionable youths, shocking and confounding parents along the way. Napalm Death started out with … Continue reading 176: NAPALM DEATH


Imagine deathcore, but even more bastard heavy. That’s Black Tongue, a group featuring members of Infant Annihilator, that takes the death in deathcore and downtunes it to its nastiest, most sludgy, low end, guttural form. This is heaviness in its purest form, best blasted via powerful headphones, leaving the brain shaken to mush. Diabolically low … Continue reading 168: BLACK TONGUE