242: HIM

With their uniquely gothic hard rock sound and one of the coolest frontmen in history, HIM created their own sound, dubbed โ€˜love metalโ€™. It was dark, romantic, and painfully beautiful. Frontman Ville Valoโ€™s gentle crooning ties the whole sound together. A Finnish voice with all the melancholy required for this music. Throughout their existence, HIM … Continue reading 242: HIM


Hailing from my favourite country in the world, Takezo are a relatively young band who sound like theyโ€™ve been doing this for decades. This is big fuzzy, doomy, sludge of the best kind. Like desert rock on steroids, itโ€™s big, brash, and hits like a fucking bulldozer. Thereโ€™s just something simultaneously classic and modern about … Continue reading 214: TAKEZO


Hooded Menace are a Finnish band formed in 2007 who really put the death in death doom. Their overall sound is much heavier and more sinister than most death doom bands. The vocals are delivered via menacing deep growls, which lurch through the tracks. Evil guitars wail with strangely beautiful yet melancholy melodies, shifting gears … Continue reading 179: HOODED MENACE


When Anton Kabanen left Battle Beast, he gathered an international roster of musicians - from Greece, Hungary, and Finland, and formed Beast in Black, a band that are basically everything good about european power metal, with an added 80s arena rock flair that results in one of the most sensational, joyful sounds on the planet. … Continue reading 169: BEAST IN BLACK


While Norway was in the process of birthing the infamous second wave of black metal, two borders over Finland was giving rise to its own extreme metal innovators: Impaled Nazarene. Impaled Nazarene started out in the early 90s as all-out black metal, and over three decades have evolved into a broader, amalgam of extreme metal … Continue reading 162: IMPALED NAZARENE


When I discovered Finnish death doom band, Swallow the Sun, they had just released their seventh album, โ€˜When a Shadow is Forced Into The Lightโ€™. I was immediately awestruck by this utterly beautiful, passionate, emotional album. Every single track moved me deeply. An exploratory foray into their back catalogue only cemented what I already knew … Continue reading 146: SWALLOW THE SUN