255: RUSH

With an active career spanning over 40 years (particularly as the holy trinity of Lee, Lifeson, and Peary from 1974 onwards) Rush are one of the most influential progressive rock bands of all time. Their unfettered experimentation in the rock realm helped pioneer concept albums, lengthy tracks, and synthesisers in prog rock. They also delved … Continue reading 255: RUSH

244: EX DEO

With metal as a blanket genre turning 50 years old recently, with all its subgenres, permeations, and gimmicks, youโ€™d be forgiven for thinking that every concept had already been mined. However, Ex Deo delve into an untapped concept for a metal band - the history of the Ancient Roman Empire. The brainchild of Kataklysm frontman, … Continue reading 244: EX DEO


Given this is the very middle day of the year, signifying the halfway mark of this 365-day quest of mine, it had to be a special band - for me, thereโ€™s very few bands as special as The Birthday Massacre. Theyโ€™re a โ€œtop 2โ€ band for me and thatโ€™s never going to change. The Birthday … Continue reading 183: THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE


Iโ€™m sadly late to the Woods of Ypres, which seem to be a band combining elements of multiple metal subgenres I adore. What started as a somewhat melodic black metal evolved into a melodic death, doom, gothic sonic masterpiece. Covering esoteric topics like life, death, and nature, Woods of Ypres released four full-lengths plus an … Continue reading 173: WOODS OF YPRES


I was late to the party with Thrawsunblat, discovering them via their 2020 EP โ€˜Insulaโ€™, but once I stumbled upon their unique, and frankly beautiful, blackened folk metal sound, I was in love. An immediate deep dive into their back catalogue strengthened my initial observation that this band were something special. Thrawsunblat is the project … Continue reading 171: THRAWSUNBLAT