282: GWAR

Where does one even start with Gwar? How about the Metal Archives, normally quite particular about such things, simply lists Gearโ€™s genre as various. Fucking various. As genre-hopping as some bands are, there arenโ€™t many that even the infallible Metal Archives find themselves unable to categorise. Throughout their 37-years-and-counting lifespan, Gwar have dabbled in various … Continue reading 282: GWAR


Mixing atmospheric black metal and synth-driven electronic trance, Mesarthim creates a sound that sounds strange on paper yet, once you hear it, you realise it just works. While industrial metal, another fusion of metal and electronic, often sounds mechanical and dirty, Mesarthimโ€™s creation is clean, bright, and graceful. Thereโ€™s some similarities to blackgaze, given they … Continue reading 281: MESARTHIM


Forming in 1997 and combining influences from hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal, Pig Destroyer's goal was to bring back what "grindcore should be". Between 6 albums and 4 EPs, they've readily established themselves as doing exactly that. With relentless guitars, furious vocals, and an utterly wild rythm section, Pig Destroyer are one of the most … Continue reading 278: PIG DESTROYER


When Murderdolls broke up, frontman Wednesday 13 was able to roll his unique, snarling, horror punk persona into a successful solo career. With a talented backing band, and an every-increasing talent for writing earworms, Wednesday 13 has released 8 full length albums with no sign of slowing. Few bands, in my estimation, have such a … Continue reading 277: WEDNESDAY 13