The first time I saw footage of Blind Guardian performing The Bard’s Song live, to an endless sea of passionate fans who chanted along, is the first time I think I really got power metal. The sincerity, the beauty, the passion and, of course, the … Continue reading 330: BLIND GUARDIAN


Having survived the Norwegian scene of the 90s and still producing music thirty years later, Satyricon have seen (and helped guide) black metal for much of its existence. They’ve also grown beyond the constraints of the genre, creating an unholy, raucous fusion of black metal … Continue reading 329: SATYRICON


Within Temptation’s gothic-tinged take on symphonic metal, incorporating myriad other influences is some of the most beautifully triumphant metal to be heard. In 25 years, the Dutch band have seen a meteoric rise that sees them now headline huge festivals and playing to enormous crowds. … Continue reading 328: WITHIN TEMPTATION


Leprous, for me, remain one of the best examples of a modern prog metal band, while simultaneously straying further and further from the core of the genre – and that’s pretty exciting in and of itself. Across seven albums, Leprous have expanded increasingly upon their … Continue reading 327: LEPROUS


I think the thing that surprised me most about Svartkonst after hearing (and loving) their sophomore release, ‘Black Waves’, and reading up on my new discovery was the fact it was all one guy. One-man black metal projects are nothing new, of course, and there … Continue reading 326: SVARTKONST


The combination of death metal heaviness and hardcore aggression Employed to Serve create makes for some of the intense music in their particular scene. It also means they tend to appeal to multiple demographics, from metalcore kids looking for something with extra bite, to an … Continue reading 325: EMPLOYED TO SERVE

322: DOOL

I stumbled across Dool in 2017 via their (at the time newly released) debut, ‘Here Now, There Then’, and it was like nothing I’d heard before. It was a refreshingly progressive mix of goth rock and doom, with a gloomy, passionate atmosphere. I spent that … Continue reading 322: DOOL


Fusing alternative metal with funk and hip hop, New York City’s Living Colour pioneered a style of music that would be popularised some five years later. With biting political lyrics and social commentary, their confronting and unique sound was further empowered. My entry point to … Continue reading 321: LIVING COLOUR


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