Leprous, for me, remain one of the best examples of a modern prog metal band, while simultaneously straying further and further from the core of the genre – and thatโ€™s pretty exciting in and of itself.

Across seven albums, Leprous have expanded increasingly upon their prog metal beginning. Firstly into prog rock territory, but in recent years expanding into art rock and even synth pop. But throughout this evolution, the common thread has always been mature, expansive songs with a uniquely beautiful sound.

Einar Solbergโ€™s vocals are a triumph throughout. They can be gentle, otherworldly, almost alien in their delivery, before switching to a powerful and commanding delivery more reminiscent of rock songs. This shift is aligned perfectly with the music, which swirls around Solbergโ€™s voice, heaving and pulsing with proggy bass lines and captivating rhythms.

As theyโ€™ve matured and expanded their sound, Leprous has only further established themselves as a truly unique voice in the metal and rock sphere. It is a truly fascinating thing to see this band become such a remarkable and singular progressing presence.