Ozzy Osbourne is the most iconic heavy metal vocalist in history, and is (rightfully) celebrated as one of the greatest representatives heavy metal has seen in its entire five decades. With his unmistakable voice, cheeky grin, and larger-than-life personality, Ozzy has maintained a successful career decade after decade.

With his post-Sabbath solo career, Ozzy immediately cemented himself as an artistic preserve in his own right with โ€˜Blizzard of Ozzโ€™. When your first single is โ€˜Crazy Trainโ€™, youโ€™re definitely making an impact.

With the backing of a rotating band of incredibly talented musicians (which through the years have included iconic guitarists Randy Rhoads and Zakk Wylde) has had a constantly shifting sound, but has managed to remain relevant and successful throughout multiple eras.

Over the years, Ozzy has moved from traditional metal, to synth-backed glam, arena rock, hard rock, and some powerful ballads. And every time, with his iconic voice and a talented backing band, the Ozzman has reminded us all that he is, in fact, our greatest frontman and the first true metal singer.

Last year, Ozzy released โ€˜Ordinary Manโ€™, his twelfth album and is simultaneously classic Ozzy and a what, at times, feels like a somber evaluation of a career (and perhaps life) reaching its end. The title track and itโ€™s accompanying video is a sobering reminder that nothing lasts forever and we, as metalheads, are incredibly lucky to live in a time when giants still walk among us.

And make no mistake – John Michael Osbourne is one such giant.