Has there ever been a band whose backstory and general vibe was presented with as much grandeur as Tenacious D present their own in ‘Kickapoo’?

Tenacious are a band of dichotomy. Firstly, in its two halves – sensational singer/decent guitarist Jack Black, and sensational guitarist/decent singer Kyle Gass – and the parallel aspects of silly and, at times, childish humour, and the very much not silly music. Music which ranges from stripped back acoustic duets to but hard rock and even metal pieces. This is the magic of the D.

Their ability to write genuinely, undeniably good music to back the humour has always been Tenacious D’s biggest strength. A lyrically odd song like ‘Wonderboy’ works because, above all else, it is musically brilliant. And if you’re into Jack Black’s uber-smug, kinda powermetal machismo, schtick (which I very much am), he has an absolutely sensational rock voice.

Tenacious D is the story of two men who act like they don’t their art seriously but, in reality, are seriously talented musicians. The result is music that, yeah, is funny, but it also kicks all kinds of ass. Brilliantly catchy, and capable of genuine rock magic.

That’s how you end up with a widely adored song like ‘Tribute’. It may not be the actual greatest song in the world, but it’s gotta be damn close.