296: MORK

Coming up as a black metal band in the late noughties, in the shadow of the infamous second wave, would be no easy task. Bands would try to find that angle, that gimmick… That factor that made them different from what came before.

But, in the case of Mork, they defy that trend, embracing the second wave of black metal, and wear their influences on their sleeve. It turns out you don’t need to do something different as long as you do what you do really fucking well. And that is what makes Mork so special. This is pure Norwegian black metal and it is performed masterfully.

Having released five albums and a handful of EPs over the past eight years, Mork have consistently produced incredible black metal. With each album, they have strengthened and refined what they do, and the result is a band who release albums that are, every time, some of the best black metal you’ll hear all year.

While many other bands expand and bend the genre of black metal, Mork unapologetically keep the traditions alive, as one of the best “proper” black metal bands around today.