Svdestada are a very new discovery for me. As in, stumble across their second album (released February of this year) while mindlessly floating around Spotify and immediately being so smitten with it you order the vinyl off Bandcamp. That sort of new discovery.

Having only formed in 2017 in Madrid, Svdestada are quite a young band, but they certainly donโ€™t sound inexperienced, or unsure of themselves.

Their take on black metal is a wild, yet melodic, but of viciousness infused with crust punk ferocity that makes for just a fucking brilliant sound. Thereโ€™s no other way to put it. This is electrifying stuff.

โ€˜Azabacheโ€™, their second album (and the one that brought me to them) is a rapid fire 11 tracks across 32 minutes, and I cannot fault it. It is raucous, yet incredibly polished black metal and that wild punk streak only strengthens it.

Svdestada are the kind of band that, upon discovery, make me excited. Not just excited by their music, but a discovery that reignites my passion for finding new bands and always seeing whatโ€™s out there with an open heart and ears.

Do not sleep on this band. This is some of best black metal Iโ€™ve heard all year.