291: HAIL SPIRIT NOIR / part two

By the time Hail Spirit Noir released ‘Eden in Reverse’, their fourth full length album, they had evolved completely into a genre-melding psychedelic prog rock outfit, with only passing hints of the black metal band they were a decade earlier.

Eden in Reverse’ finds the band leaning heavily into their 70s prog rock influences. Spacey synths and organs abound, and the vocals fit it perfectly. The guitars will pluck away, following the same motif, before giving way to a heavier riff, reminding us we are in the 2020s and this is not some 70s prog rock act performing in a smoky haze, but rather a very talented group of musicians playing around with the genre.

However, only a year later, Hail Spirit Noir returned with a new sound – this time jumping forward a decade, and landing squarely in the 80s.

To celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band, Hail Spirit Noir released ‘Mannequins’, an 80s inspired, synthwave albums that could’ve just as easily been the soundtrack of some cheesy, B-grade horror. With spooky melodies, pulsing beats, and an assortment of retro samples, ‘Mannequins’ is the result of a band with endless creativity demonstrating their ability to play in a different sandbox.

While ‘Mannequins’ has been referred to as a one-off by the band, there’s just no telling what comes next for Hail Spirit Noir. They could return to the psychedelic prog rock path they’ve been steadily ascending for the last ten years, or they could take it somewhere new entirely. Either way, it’s pretty obvious now, it’ll be worth listening to.