290: INCUBUS / part two

With the ‘Make Yourself’ single, ‘Drive’, Incubus tapped into something new, a warm, semi-acoustic alt rock that saw more mainstream success than they’d ever expected. ‘Make Yourself’ saw the band mixing elements of new and old, but the alt rock sound because far mor central with their next album, ‘Morning View’.

From this point onward, Incubus grew into one of the most prominent active alt rock bands, finding considerable commercial success with their mature, complex writing style.

Of course Brandon Boyd’s voice remains iconic and helps lift Incubus above the overpopulated alt rock crowd. But that credit also belongs to the band’s immense writing talent, which has grown considerably since the days of ‘Fungus Amongus’.

Incubus grew out of an adolescent musical movement and became something evergreen. Their status as one of the best alt rock bands on the planet is undeniable.

But I’m a nu metal kid, so part of me is always going to miss the band behind ‘A Certain Shade of Green’.