289: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part one

BMTH started out as one of the more popular deathcore bands of the mid-noughties, due in part to a more approachable writing style and the versatile vocals of Oli Sykes.

From early on, Bring Me The Horizon were already incorporating broader influences than the average deathcore band. Gentler instrumentation, alt metal style slower riffs, hardcore style shouted vocals alongside the standard deathcore tropes, made for something a little more accessible and certainly appealing.

With their 2010 album, โ€˜There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is a Heaven Let’s Keep It a Secret.โ€™, the band continued to mature and polish that sound. The sound started to lean more towards metalcore, while also including newer elements such as choirs, strings, and more electronic elements.

But it was the next album, โ€˜Sempiternalโ€™, that perfected (in my opinion) the sound theyโ€™d been building from since the start.

Combining metalcore and post hardcore, with hard and alt rock and electronic, โ€˜Sempiternalโ€™ is a grand a statement as Bring Me The Horizon had ever made at that point. It is triumphantly grandiose, heavy yet beautiful, and a mature and very well produced combination of everything they had done up to that point.

Starting out as a somewhat unique entry in the deathcore scene, Bring Me The Horizon continued to craft their sound into something truly remarkable with โ€˜Sempiternalโ€™.