207: ABSU

For thirty years, Texan extreme metal band produced some of strongest, fastest, thrash-influences black metal the US ever saw.

Led by Proscriptor McGovern, what started as some death metal demos, grew into a blackened thrash monster, incorporating increasingly progressive sounds, such as jazz fusion, folk, and Celtic music. The result is an exciting riff-driven sound with all the signature elements of black metal but so much more.

The band themselves would refer to what they did as “Mythological Occult Metal”. This tied in with the lyrical themes, which discussed alchemy, numerology, Mesopotamian and Sumerian folklore and more.

In 2011, Absu released their sixth album, ‘Abzu’. It is an incredible album, featuring 35 minutes of just pure, iconically Absu, thrash-powered black metal. While there were originally reports of the band working on a follow up to Abzu, it was not to be.

In 2020, Proscriptor McGovern dissolved Absu, ending a 31 year run for the band. Six month’s later it was revealed he had formed a new band, Proscriptor McGovern’s Apsû.

As of 2021, this new iteration have reportedly completed work one a debut album that fans patiently await. It will undoubtedly be worth the wait, because the world always needs more exciting black metal.