Faith No More are not only Mike Patton’s most well known band, but perhaps one of the defining alternative acts of the 90s. Through six studio albums, they crafted a sound that would send waves through alternative metal, as well as directly inspiring many bands who would go on to become nu metal bands.

With hard rock guitars, prominent bass lines, and Patton’s now renowned multi-tiered vocal delivery, Faith No More’s sound had everything. It could appeal to metal heads, hard rock kids, the hip hop crowds, and with catchy hooks on choruses they even drew in some pop fans.

It seemed as though Faith No More had captured lighting in a bottle, but in 1998 the spark died. The band broke up, allowing the members to move on more freely with various side projects.

However in 2009, after rumours circled for some time, Faith No More announced a reunion tour, ‘The Second Coming’. Unsurprisingly, it was met with enormous enthusiasm from fans worldwide.

However, not content with resting on their legacy, after the tour the band warned ‘The Reunion Tour is over; in 2015 things are going to change’. This led to the recording and release of Faith No More’s seventh album, ‘Sol Invictus’ – their first in 18 years. It was well reviewed, with special attention given to Patton’s vocal ability which had undeniably grown in the intervening years.

Faith No More continue to be active, with plans to tour – though postponed due to the pandemic – still going ahead.