As we enter the home stretch of 9 Days of Patton, itโ€™s time to talk about the country-twangified alt rock beast that is Tomahawk.

In 1999 Patton and Duane Denison of The Jesus Lizard started collaborating, eventually bringing in John Stanier and Kevin Rutmanis, of Helmet and Melvins respectively. The result of this collaboration was a constantly-evolving alt rock project that took influence from country, punk rock, and Native American music, from album to album.

While they are probably the most straightforward rock band Patton has been involved with since Faith No More, theyโ€™re not without the experimentation and genre-bending one has come to expect from Mike Patton. The song structures donโ€™t always conform to the standard verse/chorus format, but at times do, offering outlandishly catchy rock and roll.

As always, Pattonโ€™s vocals are the highlight. All his talents are on display here – growls, wails, croons, and good old hard rock singing.

Tomahawk walk the fine line between traditional rock band and an experimental multi-genre wild ride, and because of this they manage to be both exciting and accessible, making them a strong addition to Mike Pattonโ€™s stable of supergroups.