In 2016, when Dave Lombardo, Michael Crain, and Justin Pearson announced Mike Patton was coming on board as the new vocalist for their hardcore punk project, what was already amazing was sure to be home something truly special.

Dead Cross wear their early 80s influence on their sleeve – this, while having some crossover and metal touches, is punk music at its heart. Unquestionably. Lombardo, Crain, and Pearson just cut loose, whipping up a frenzy of speedy guitars and belting rhythms.

Patton is clearly having fun with the material, with his vocal delivery harkening back to the earliest (and future) days of Mr Bungle. His manic shouts, barks and growls fit the style wonderfully, with Patton serving as the perfect missing piece to this punk puzzle.

With an unashamed throwback energy, and reverence for the bands they aim to emulate, Dead Cross are a must for fans of the ere, only made more excited by the presence of the one and only Mike Patton.