We begin our 9 Days of Patton with what Mike Patton has referred to his version of pop music – Peeping Tom.

Patton worked alone on Peeping Tom for many years between his many other projects, before putting together a wish lists of potential collaborators. Over time, Patton and these various collaborators would communicate back and forth on the track in question, rarely meeting in person.

What results is an oddity, and perhaps Pattonโ€™s most commercially accessible work, at least since Faith No More. The album is a patchwork of electronic rock, hip hop, pop, and more, all with Pattonโ€™s signature spin.

The tracks are all unique creatures, yet flow from one to the next smoothly, and Pattonโ€™s chameleon crooning, snarling, and whispering are all in typical top form here.

Peeping Tom currently stands as a single album, a time capsule from the mid-noughties reminding us that even pop music can be amazing if Mike Patton turns his gaze to it.