One of the most prominent black metal bands in Belgium, with a lineup that has changed and evolved considerably over almost thirty years, Enthroned are a consistent presence in extreme metal.

While the band formed in 1993, by 2006 there were no original members remaining, yet Enthroned has persisted. They’ve not only persisted, they’ve thrived. They continue to release remarkably good black metal, album after album.

In 2019 Enthroned released ‘Cold Black Suns’, their eleventh full length, and it is an absolute monster. Over 50 minutes of powerful, sinister, fucking heavy black metal.

Guitarist-turned-vocalist, Nornagest’s vocals are raw and commanding, and help create Enthroned’s unique sound, while the guitars shift from icy black metal licks to relentless blackened death riffs.

Enthroned’s longevity, through multiple lineup changes, is proof that their sound is bigger than the sum of its parts. Their style is dramatic, and unique, and very much worthy of your attention.