Primitive Man are probably one of the heaviest bands I’ve ever heard. At a point in my life where my taste in music has expanded into heavier and heavier sounds, and I find myself increasingly at peace with the extreme.

But Primitive Man…? Fuck me.

The absolute wall of noise achieved by this band, a three-piece, defies logic. This is the most abrasive, noise-filled, punch-in-the-fucking-face sludge metal ever conceived. But once you warm up to it, like the euphoria felt right before drowning, it’s suffocates and smothers you and everything just feels so fucking right.

It’s monstrous, lurching riffs that absolutely bulldoze everything in their path, backed by utterly relentless vocals courtesy of ELM.

When you’re ready to face the might Primitive Man, it’s worth the aural assault. But maybe don’t go recommending it to ya Nan anytime soon.