Before Rob Zombie there was White Zombie – a fusion of dirty rock, industrial, and groove metal, with early signs of the schlocky horror touches that would become mainstays of RZ’s solo career.

To a degree, White Zombie’s earliest work is unrecognisable. It’s spacey, tripped out noise rock, with a young Rob Zombie sounding completely different, lacking his trademark growl. It’s still worth your time, and there are glimpses of the foundation of what was to come.

Over the next few albums, the band’s sound would incorporate more of the elements they would become known for. In 1992 they released La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1, where that iconic sound was fully formed and started getting them serious recognition.

When they followed it with Astro-Creep: 2000, their fourth and final album, White Zombie started seeing some mainstream success – especially with their biggest hit song, ‘More Human Than Human’.

While the band is now defunct, and Rob Zombie has gone on to evolve and grow the sound he started with White Zombie, the original still stands as something unique and incredibly special.