Yes, it’s another one-man atmospheric black metal project. Sorry, not sorry.

The Ruins of Beverast is the brainchild of German multi-instrumentalist Alexander von Meiland. Through it, he combines atmospheric black metal and doom metal, utilising synths and building a deeply textured atmosphere.

Earlier this year, he released ‘The Thule Grimoires’, The Ruins of Beverast’s seventh full length album. The seven-track, seventh minute opus is a work of atmospheric art. It incorporates numerous styles – including, but not limited to, goth, dark ambient, and new wave – to craft a desolate yet confronting landscape. It’s often confronting, at times strangely comforting, yet always exciting.

The vocals throughout are unpredictable and varied. Screams, gutturals, and somber cleans tell the story as the instrumentation builds the world.

The Ruins of Beverast is an exciting project that continues to deliver incredibly deep and complex compositions and a beautifully grim atmosphere.