Iโ€™m sadly late to the Woods of Ypres, which seem to be a band combining elements of multiple metal subgenres I adore. What started as a somewhat melodic black metal evolved into a melodic death, doom, gothic sonic masterpiece. Covering esoteric topics like life, death, and nature, Woods of Ypres released four full-lengths plus an EP.

Vocalist David Goldโ€™s clean voice is some of the most sorrowful and beautiful doom metal vocals Iโ€™ve ever heard. His delivery immediately elevates every song. The heavy vocals contrast perfectly with their ferocity.

Musically, later era Woods of Ypres would ride a fine line between death/doom and gothic metal, with hard hitting riffs, beautiful keys, and a dark atmosphere.

I say Iโ€™m sad to have found Woods of Ypres late, because in 2011 we tragically lost David Gold and his amazing vision and voice. Itโ€™s hard to imagine what further stories Woods of Ypres had to tell. Luckily some of Woods of Ypresโ€™ magic lives on through Thrawsunblat, honouring Davidโ€™s memory.