I was late to the party with Thrawsunblat, discovering them via their 2020 EP ‘Insula’, but once I stumbled upon their unique, and frankly beautiful, blackened folk metal sound, I was in love. An immediate deep dive into their back catalogue strengthened my initial observation that this band were something special.

Thrawsunblat is the project of former members of doom metal titans, Woods of Ypres. Joining the lineup on drums is Rae Amitay, front woman for Immortal Bird and mastermind behind solo project Errant, which also released an amazing EP in 2020… but we will talk more about that tomorrow.

The folk element in Thrawsunblat is so strong that they’ve released an entire album of acoustic folk music that easily stands alongside their metal albums. But when all the elements come together – black metal guitars, melodic death metal vocals, powerful folk metal cleans, incredible drumming – Thrawsunblat really shines.

There’s an undeniably epic feeling behind this music. It conjures up images that are not unlike those that adorn most of their album covers – beautiful vistas of forests and natural wonders. It’s a combination of many sounds typically found in Northern European metal and, even though this is a band formed in Canada, the environmental similarities clearly strengthen the connection.

Thrawsunblat’s continued output of incredible, unique music, while a different style, remains a gift for those of us who miss Woods of Ypres.