With a merciless blend of grindcore, death metal, and clear hardcore roots, Pupil Slicer burst into existence just a few short years ago.

Based in London, the trioโ€™s monstrously heavy sound betrays their relatively small lineup. That is to say, they make an awful lot of noise for just three people, and that is most definitely a compliment.

Pupil Slicerโ€™s debut full length, โ€˜Mirrorsโ€™, only came out a few months ago, and is 37 min of wall to wall venom. Vocalist Kate Davies is a commanding presence, offering brutal roars and screams, backed with growls by bassist Luke Fabian, creating an awesome dual vocal delivery. Backing the cacophony with rapid fire rhythms is drummer Josh Andrews.

Again, it blows the mind to comprehend this music is created by just three people.

Pupil Slicer are a young band with a confronting sound and even more confronting name. I have no doubt, based on the strength of โ€˜Mirrorsโ€™, this band is just getting started and is going to be one to watch.