A fusion of death metal and hardcore kind of just feels like a natural fit, but Welsh band Venom Prison take this sound to astounding heights with brutal melodies and confronting vocals.

Vocalist Larissa Stupar has got to be one of the best in the genre. In a scene where gutturals are commonplace, Stuparโ€™s ability to shift from top tier growls to utterly hellish screams that would be just as at home in a black metal song. Lyrically, she typical far more modern topics than the death metal standard, tackling themes such as fascism, misogyny, and mental health.

Musically, Venom Prison are an amazing mix of extremes – death metal, hardcore, with even a touch of grindcore . The variety in the music is what originally drew me to Venom Prison. Running the gamut from thrashy riffs, groove, solos, amazing melody, every track is a a brutal ride, powered by blast beats and anger.