165: MY RUIN

As a nu-metal kid, Tairrie B is royalty. Her involvement in proto-new kings Tura Satana earns her that title for a lifetime – but what sheโ€™s done since then with My Ruin is itself worthy of adulation.

Tairrie B started out as a rapper, under the wing of Ezy-E, and with Tura Satana coupled rapping and screaming with groove-laden alt metal, foreshadowing the arrival of nu-metal.

With My Ruin, however, Tairrie pivoted to more spoken-word style over metal and industrial instrumentals with the debut, โ€˜Speak & Destroyโ€™ (the CD of which was one of my most prized possessions as a teenager).

With Tairrieโ€™s guitarist husband, Mick Murphy joining in 2000, My Ruinโ€™s sound has grown heavier and more guitar-oriented with each album. The spoken word has also given way to more direct screaming vocals.

My Ruin started out as an interesting and exciting new avenue for for a rap metal superstar, and over time evolved into an amazing, shred-filled, alt metal monster.

With no new music in some time, it seems My Ruin are currently dormant. Hopefully not forever, because revisiting the back catalogue as I was writing this has only reminded me just how fucking much I love this band.