While they’ve seen multiple lineup changes the past decade, the outstanding consistency of their output suggests Lorna Shore are greater than the sum of their parts.

Lorna Shore’s spin on deathcore can only be described as the epic. With gigantic riffs and vicious vocals further bolstered by grand symphonic elements, this is some of the best deathcore on the market.

Last week, Lorna Shore released ‘To The Hellfire”, the first single off their upcoming EP, ‘…and I Return to Nothingness’. This is their first recorded music with new vocalist, Will Ramos. And, yet again, Lorna Shore seem to come out of another lineup change even stronger than before.

This new single is easily among their best work and the track just gets more and more jaw-dropping as it goes. All the elements I love in Lorna Shore are on full display – this is a monumental deathcore grand slam.