With dreamy textures, thrilling guitars, and confronting vocals, Illyria are easily one of the most exciting upcoming bands in Australia right now. Their melody-driven blackgaze sound is exciting and often beautiful.

A lot of blackgaze bands, when attempting to lean harder into the shoegaze influences, risk losing their edge entirely. Illyria suffer no such issue, offering wonderfully ethereal sounds and clean vocals before dramatically and furiously switching gears.

Importantly, it never feels forced. This isnโ€™t tonal shifts for the sake of dramatic contrast. This is a band whose music traverses a wide spectrum, and the end result remains a cohesive, impressive, amazing sound.

I finally saw Illyria live at my last gig in the pre-pandemic times of old. The fact they opened for the brutal one-two punch of Revocation and Cattle Decapitation, and still readily managed to hold their own just shows how special this band is. Theyโ€™ve got a big future ahead, Iโ€™ve no doubt.