While Norway was in the process of birthing the infamous second wave of black metal, two borders over Finland was giving rise to its own extreme metal innovators: Impaled Nazarene.

Impaled Nazarene started out in the early 90s as all-out black metal, and over three decades have evolved into a broader, amalgam of extreme metal genres, going on to influence future blackened death and grindcore scenes in Finland and abroad. They would also incorporate punk and thrash influences into their sound.

Impaled Nazarene were so ahead of the general music trends at the time that they dropped the corpse paint and distanced themselves from the Norwegian black metal scene right when it started becoming popular. Only last week, they released their thirteenth studio album, โ€˜Eight Headed Serpentโ€™, continuing their prolific and influential career, 20 years since their debut.

Rather than stick with what was becoming popular, Impaled Nazarene have always forged ahead on their own path, and in doing so have influenced countless Finnish metal bands and could even be considered the forefathers of extreme metal in Finland.