In the late noughties, when his previous band came to an end and efforts to put together a mathcore band proved futile, French musician Rémi Gallego began producing his own music. What grew from this was The Algorithm – a true hybrid of EDM and metal, specifically prog and djent influenced metal.

While there are artists who successfully create metal-adjacent music exclusively via electronica, and do so with great results, Gallego really does meld the two. Guitars, bass, drums – these are often “real” instruments. When I saw them live, the use of a real drum kit on stage further accentuated the feel that this was a proper rock show.

Tracks can shift from synth-led melodies, to pulsing dance beats, to chugging guitars and blast beats. This is very much some strange cousin of progressive metal. A futuristic, cyborg cousin, but a cousin nonetheless.

Gallego’s writing, while innovative, is also just plain good. It’s energetic, at times beautiful, and absolutely heavy when necessary. For mostly instrumental, rapidly shifting, somewhat experimental compositions, it is a testament to the quality of the writing that it never once feels meandering or hard to stick with. Because once it gets its hooks into you, it’s a great ride.